Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Voting Is For Old People...It Is.

So the vote is coming, today to be exact.  Except for all the people who already voted early...whaaat?  There's this thing about voting that puts me off to it that I can't quite put my finger on.  I guess if I could decide exactly what I want to vote for, that would make it a little better, but it's not exactly easy to pick what you want when you have to vote for a person and the person stands for a hundred different things.  Oh wait, no, I guess we've narrowed it down now to two choices.  You either get the baby-killing liberal or the Jesus-freak conservative.  Glad we have freedom of choice here.

America loves to divide itself.  As a strong nation, what better way to show your strength than to point out your differences every minute of every day?  Hell, our government is basically running on the fumes of that idea today.  'Instead of having our people's interests in mind, we should just all agree to think exactly the same way.  Unless you're the other guys who all think the opposite, but still all agree.  Bam, government.  Now let's vote.  Oh, 50/50, how the hell did that happen?  Let's waste millions bickering now until we go on vacation.'  That's what CSPAN is like in my head since I couldn't possibly bring myself to watch it.  I can't believe that a country stood united for a couple months after a horrifying disaster and then effectively began to split itself right down the middle and now is like a not funny episode of the Halo comedy show, Red vs. Blue, with actually more violence and name calling if you can believe it.

Republican.  Democrat.  Those are our two choices.  Yeah sometimes the Independent guy wins, but what are there, two of them in Congress?  Great.  That'll sway the tide.  Really, when it comes down to it, people just vote the same color all the way down the ticket, which doesn't sound like a good thing to me.  I'm sure that there are those average normal people who do their research and vote based on that.  That's a good thing.  But seriously...I'm guessing that 90% of the voting population, while watching daytime court TV, get all of their information from those awesome advertisements.  As far as I can tell from those ads, the way to get into politics is to be better at calling your opponent a dick.  And you can literally say anything you want, including slander, in those ads.  I'm sure that's exactly how George Washington and Thomas Jefferson imagined the American voting process turning out.  Also I'm sure if Washington thought of the invention of the TV, his wooden teeth would have blown straight out of his head.

And the best part is, that when the politicians finally get to the part where they have to decide things that affect us as people, you know, the people that elected them, instead of working together to sort out problems, they take the same sides on every single issue.  Bill proposed by a Democrat in a Democrat run country?  Republicans must destroy it because...well there's really no reason except that they're sore losers.  And it happens the other way around too.  I used to think Republicans were the bad guys but, they're really all bad.  It's tough to get up the urge to vote when you feel like you're voting in another bickering idiot who is just going to look at his name tag, see what color it is, and follow everyone else who has the same color name tag.  Oh and it costs a lot of money that according to everyone we don't have.  Do we actually have to pay off the national debt?  According to some of our men in power, the world will end soon so we probably won't have to.  The hypocrisy is hysterical too, now that the liberals like the government, the conservatives hate it. Years ago, the Bush years, when Democrats said anything against the administration, they were chastised for not blindly loving their president.

So, I think I would vote...if I didn't have to rely on people.  Because, and I don't know if any of you know this, and yes I started the sentence with because, people are liars.  People say things they don't mean to get things they want.  And people like money.  And they make deals with people for money.  And the whole damn system is rather corrupt, in my humble and completely uneducated opinion.  I'm sure there's a couple good people in there but, the division of the parties and their inability to get anything done when America needs it most proves otherwise.  America voted for change last time, and now the other Americans are voting for another change, I'm just wondering if any of this voting is ever going to put someone in who actually changes anything that the population is ever going to be happy with.

So when you go to the polls this Tuesday...or already did since I'm damn late in writing this, uh...I don't know what point I was trying to make here.  Only vote if you know what you're talking about?  Don't vote based on your favorite color?  Voting is lame? Stop watching political commercials?  Stop believing anything rich white people say?  I don't know, I said a lot of things that nobody probably cares about because it seems to be the hip thing to vote these days, just because.  Everybody at Columbia wanted me to vote, but I think they wanted me to vote for legalization mostly.  And thanks to the year 2000, I don't believe that my vote matters in the prez election anyway.  If anyone can convince me otherwise, that's cool.  But I guess I'm not hip or with it and I'll probably get yelled at a lot because while I was writing this giant thing, I forgot to vote.  Oops.

Oh and just to piss off people with Fox News stuck up their rears...I get all of my news from Jon Stewart and the Daily Show and of course Colbert.  And I believe every freakin' word of it.

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